Program in Physical Therapy
Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis
Program in Physical Therapy
DPT and PhD Students Receive NIH Training Award 

Congratulations to our DPT and PhD students who were selected to participate in Washington University School of Medicine’s TL1 Predoctoral Program.

The TL1 program provides students an opportunity to intensively pursue research for a limited time.  DPT students apply for either a short term (summer) or intensive (one-year) training opportunity.   In addition to coursework related to clinical research, scholars develop an independent research project, present their work, and submit a manuscript to a journal. 

The following DPT students were selected:

Jesse Evans, PT13, Exploring Outcomes of Physical Activity Policies in Community Settings, will be mentored by Dr. Amy Eyler, Research Associate Professor, Social Work.    

Stephanie Sandvick, PT14, Mechanically-based Impairments and Outcomes in People with Low Back Pain, will be mentored by Dr. Linda Van Dillen, Associate Professor, Physical Therapy.

Davor Vasilijevich, PT14, Association of Lower Extremity Movement Patterns and Pain in People with Pre-Arthritic Hip Disease, will be mentored by Dr. Marcie Harris Hayes, Assistant Professor, Physical Therapy. 

While Stephanie and Davor will graduate a year later than expected, they will obtain a Masters degree in Clinical Investigation (MSCI).  Jesse will continue as a member of her class but will graduate in August after completing her last clinical rotation. 

Ryan Bailey is a first-year PhD student in the Movement Science Program.   Ryan’s project is Upper Extremity Use in Community-Dwelling Adults With and Without Stroke. His mentor is Dr. Catherine Lang, Associate Professor, Physical Therapy.  PhD students receive stipends and funds for research-related expenses.

Since its inception, 13 DPT students have completed the program with three more currently enrolled.  In addition to Ryan, two other PhD students, Dan Peterson and Chris Sorensen, also are funded by the TL1 training grant.