We deliver the highest quality educational programs to empower the next generation of physical therapists and movement scientists to make exceptional contributions to their fields.

We prepare students to take on transformative roles in the industry by providing them with the best education. With innovative teaching strategies delivered by an expert faculty, we are cultivating and advancing the knowledge and skills of clinical practitioners and researchers of the future.

Doctoral Programs

Our DPT and PhD programs, rooted in the human movement system, prepare you to excel as a practitioner or researcher working to advance human health.  Our program pioneered and continues to advance an approach that focuses on the science of movement — more specifically, how improper movement leads to physical injury, impairment and problems with function.

 Fellowships & Residency

Our fellowships and residency programs provide opportunities for you to advance your knowledge and experience with mentoring from world-renowned faculty in a supportive learning environment.

Continuing Education

We are proud to offer continuing education opportunities to help you expand your knowledge. Our Movement System Impairment Syndromes courses offer the opportunity to learn how to properly observe, identify, and treat impairments of the movement system. Learn more about our continuing education opportunities >>

Clinical Instructor Resources

Clinical experience represents a crucial part of our DPT students’ education. We provide resources to enhance our clinical instructors’ effectiveness in providing such an important part of physical therapy education.