“I was referred to physical therapy because of intense headaches. My physical therapist, Dr. Jennifer Miller, provided me specific exercises for my neck and recommended I rearrange my desk to better support my posture. Everything worked! After dealing with excruciating headaches all summer, it is a relief to longer take pain medication—no more headaches!”

“I have been a patient at Washington University Physical Therapy Clinic for several months. I am very pleased with the excellent care I receive. As a healthcare professional, I understand the importance of quality patient care services. Dr. Beth Crowner is amazing. She gently challenges me, and yet she is very compassionate. She understands my hectic life so she developed an exercise program to fit my lifestyle. I am truly blessed to have her as my physical therapist.”

“The Running Clinic has been a great resource for me. After two sessions, Dr. Ryan DeGeeter helped me improve my form and gave me exercises to strengthen my muscle imbalances. His tips helped me become a more efficient runner and prevent injuries, allowing me to continue to improve and achieve my goals.”