At Washington University Physical Therapy, our goal is to help you improve mobility and meet personal health and fitness goals.

Our clinicians are trusted experts in evaluating the movement system; the collection of systems that interact to produce and support movement of the body.  We will provide one-on-one personalized care and empower you with the education you need to understand and correct your movement impairment.

Washington University Physical Therapy has 4 clinical practice locations: 

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Please fax referrals to 314-286-1473. Maps & Directions are available here.

About Our Clinical Practice

Washington University Physical Therapy is a pioneer of the movement diagnosis-based approach to physical therapy. These diagnoses allow therapists to accurately identify the specific causes of your pain and impairment.

At each appointment, you receive one-on-one personalized care.  Your clinician will work with you to implement the most clinically effective—and cost-effective—treatment. This unique approach allows us to successfully treat complex impairments resulting from diseases, disorders, chronic conditions, and injuries, even those that have previously been treated without success.

Over half of our physical therapists hold clinical specializations representing extensive training in a specific practice area such as orthopedics (OCS), neurology (NCS), women’s health (WCS), and sports (SCS).