Our clinic serves the needs of individuals with traumatic or acquired brain injury, and we have several Certified Brain Injury Specialists on staff. A brain injury is an insult to the brain (external or internal) that may result in impairments of cognitive abilities or physical functioning.

We provide physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy to assist with the following:

  • overall mobility and balance
  • range of motion
  • walking and endurance
  • decreasing fall risk
  • return to running or sport
  • independence with daily living skills
  • return to work and driving skills
  • emotional regulation
  • cognitive skills
  • visual skills
  • return to intimacy
  • communication skills
  • swallowing ability

Our team specializes in treating brain injuries from mild to severe, including individuals in a minimally conscious state or those experiencing post-traumatic amnesia.

If needed, our specialty programs include choosing the appropriate assistive device, wheelchair seating and mobility evaluations, augmentative and alternative communication device evaluation and treatment, FEES evaluation and dysphagia. We have a full time social worker that can assist with counseling or accessing various resources throughout the community.

Every brain injury experience is as unique as the individual. At Washington University, our focus is to perform comprehensive evaluation and treatment to the individual with the brain injury and provide education to their family. Through your journey of recovery, we hope to help assist you with re-integration back into the community and help you return to the meaningful roles within your life.

Your Visit

You will receive an individualized evaluation at the Washington University Physical Therapy-TRISL Clinic by an occupational therapist, speech therapist, and/or physical therapist based on your needs and goals. Your therapist will then provide you with one-on-one treatment sessions to best assist you and your family. A therapist at Washington University will provide you with an individualized home exercise program to assist you and your family towards your goals.

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