Foot & Ankle Injury Recovery

Faculty Investigator: Mary K. Hastings, PT, DPT, MSCI, ATC [Profile ]

The focus of our work is to examine the relationship between anatomical and biomechanical factors of the foot and ankle and mechanisms of injury, interventions, and treatment outcomes.

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Hardware and Software Design for Rehabilitation Research

The primary focus of this research area is the development of instrumentation, software, and electronics for use in rehabilitation engineering projects.

Faculty Investigator: Joseph W. Klaesner, PhD [Profile ]

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Integrative Muscle Physiology

Faculty Investigator: Gretchen A. Meyer, PhD [Profile ]

This research area focuses on understanding how changes at the cellular level in skeletal muscle affect muscle structure and function, and, in turn, how pathological changes in muscle affect cellular processes.

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Movement and Musculoskeletal Problems in Diabetes

Faculty Investigator: Michael J. Mueller, PT, PhD, FAPTA [Profile ]

In investigating how movement and metabolic factors contribute to musculoskeletal problems in people with diabetes mellitus, we aim to minimize limited joint mobility, weakness, skin breakdown, pain, and disability for this high risk population.

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Movement and Neurodegenerative Disease

Faculty Investigators: Gammon M. Earhart, PT, PhD, FAPTA [Profile ] and Ryan P. Duncan, PT, DPT, MSCI [Profile ]

Our goal is to investigate how the human nervous system controls movement in health and in neurological and neurodegenerative disease.

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Neural Control of Movement Following Neurological Injury

Faculty investigator: Laura McPherson, PT, DPT, PhD [Profile ]

The focus of our research is to explore neural mechanisms underlying movement problems following neurological injury to inform the development of rehabilitation interventions that are rooted in nervous system neuropathophysiology. We use neural and biomechanical measures of motor output, including advanced signal analysis techniques of motor unit populations.

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Orthopaedic Biomechanics

Faculty Investigator: Michael D. Harris, PhD [Profile ]

We investigate joint shape, musculature, and associated biomechanics as they change due to injury or disease and how we can improve interventions to preserve or restore joint health.

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Physical Activity and Fitness

Faculty Investigators: B. Ruth Clark, PT, PhD [Profile ] and Susan B. Racette, PhD [Profile ]

We study the influence of physical activity and exercise patterns on cardiorespiratory fitness and health outcomes in various populations.

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Prevention, Rehabilitation and Maintenance in Musculoskeletal Conditions

Faculty Investigator: Linda Van Dillen, PT, PhD, FAPTA [Profile ]

The goal of our work is to understand how the musculoskeletal and nervous systems interact to contribute to the development of musculoskeletal conditions across the lifespan. We also are interested in how psychosocial and environmental factors impact these interactions.

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Rehabilitation Research for Orthopaedic Conditions

Faculty Investigator: Marcie Harris-Hayes, PT, DPT, MSCI [Profile ]

The goal of our research is to develop effective rehabilitation strategies for people with musculoskeletal hip pain that will improve function and prevent or delay the need for surgical or pharmacological intervention.

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Stroke Recovery and Rehabilitation Accelerometry

Faculty Investigators: Catherine Lang, PT, PhD, FAPTA [Profile ] and Marghuretta D. Bland, PT, DPT, NCS [Profile ]

Our research is aimed at developing effective and efficient, individualized rehabilitation for people with neurological injury, particularly those with stroke.

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