There are many changes associated with Parkinson’s Disease, including reduced volume and ability to communicate effectively and efficiently in a variety of situations.  This can lead to changes in social participation and satisfaction, ability to communicate medical needs and experiences, and the ability to draw attention in safety situations.  Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT) is an evidence based treatment approach to increase communicative abilities for those at any stage of the disease.  LSVT has also been shown to increase communication abilities and volume for those with multiple sclerosis and strokes.  All three of our speech therapists are certified in LSVT.

Your Visit

You will complete a voice evaluation where the speech-language pathologist will assess and identify appropriateness of this treatment program.  Then, you will complete the 4 week program to improve your LOUD voice. The speech-language pathologist will monitor progress and establish home exercises to maintain progress for years to come.

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