The Movement Science Program steering committee is comprised of faculty from the Program in Physical Therapy and other departments.

Ross Brownson, PhD
Dr. Brownson’s research focuses on chronic disease prevention and applied epidemiology. He develops new ways to improve population health by adapting, implementing, and disseminating evidence-based interventions.

Gammon M. Earhart, PT, PhD, FAPTA
Dr. Earhart’s research interest is movement disorders with an emphasis on Parkinson disease. Her work ranges from basic mechanistic studies of motor control to community-based exercise intervention studies. She is particularly interested in locomotor and postural control.

Bettina Mittendorfer, PhD
Dr. Mittendorfer had long-standing interest in metabolic research with focus on sexual dimorphism, nutrition and aging. She is an expert in the use of tracer and non-tracer methods for the evaluation of substrate kinetics in vivo in human subjects and have been conducting studies to evaluate the effect of aging and nutritional and physical activity interventions on insulin action, glucose, fatty acid and muscle protein metabolism in vivo in men and women.

Daniel Moran, PhD
Dr. Moran’s research interests include voluntary motor control and neuroprostheses. He works to understand how the brain controls voluntary upper arm movements, and he is also working to identify alternative control signals for brain-computer interfaces, which can restore function in patients who have paralysis or neuromuscular disorders.

Michael J. Mueller, PhD, PT, FAPTA
Dr. Mueller’s research is directed specifically at investigating the relationship between impairments, functional limitations, and disability as they relate to mobility in people with diabetes.

Joel Perlmutter, MD
Dr. Perlmutter’s investigative work focuses on the etiology and optimal treatment of people with Parkinson’s Disease.

Matthew Silva, PhD
Dr. Silva’s research is focused on the metabolic and structural response of bone and tendon to changes in mechanical loading in the presence or absence of injury.

Linda Van Dillen, PT, PhD, FAPTA
Dr. Van Dillen’s research focuses on the interaction of biomechanical and neural control mechanisms contributing to musculoskeletal pain problems in the low back.

Thank you to Founding Steering Committee Member John O. Holloszy, MD for your decades of service to our Program.

John O. Holloszy, MD
Dr. Holloszy studied the physiological adaptations associated with exercise and pioneered research on metabolic effects of exercise training on muscle and cardiovascular systems.