Clinical Instructor Resources

For general questions, inquiries, or feedback about Clinical Education, 
please click here or call 314-286-1523.

Clinical Education Team

Core Faculty

Tamara L. Burlis PT, DPT, CCS 
Associate Director of Clinical Education

Suzanne L. Cornbleet PT, DPT 
Clinical Education Advisor

Cheryl A. Caldwell PT, DPT, CHT 
Clinical Education Advisor

Patricia McGee PT, DPT, PCS 
Clinical Education Advisor

Carey L. Holleran PT, MPT, DHS, NCS 
Clinical Education Advisor

Core Staff 

Maria West
Clinical Education Coordinator
(Primary CE administrative contact)

Stephanie Venturella
Program Secretary

Resources to Assist with Student Experiences 

Clinical Instructor Handbook
Anchor Definitions for CPI Instrument
Professional Behaviors Form 
Negotiated Learning Contract
Critical Incident Report
2-1 Collaborative Model 

Additional Resources

Clinical Site Information Form (CSIF)  
Clinical Performance Instrument (PT CPI)  
Continuing Education for Clinical Instructors (CEUs)
Credentialed Clinical Instructor Program (CCIP)   
Education Section of APTA
Journal of Physical Therapy Education
APTA Learning Center