Promoting and fostering diversity and inclusion within the Program, the University and the Community.

Physical Therapy Inclusion and Diversity (PTID) is committed to building and supporting a diverse community of scholars. Thus, in addition to initiatives that promote collaboration and academic success among students of varied backgrounds, students, faculty and staff participate in activities and programs that seek to

  • Foster PT ID connections to other WashU groups to facilitate collaborative efforts
  • Enhance PT ID visibility and networks to impact broader community
  • Facilitate opportunities for personal interactions, discussions and learning of names among Program members

WashU Physical Therapy Student Groups

WUPT International Students Association

The mission of the WUPT International Students Association is to offer a supportive space and serve as a resource for international students to enable them to transition to Washington University and St. Louis at large and serve as an ongoing supportive community.

The ISAAG creates professional and social opportunities for international students to provide a welcoming and nurturing environment where they can thrive. We will provide a space for international students and allies to discuss immigration, English as a second language, inclusion, and living in the United States.

Our goal is to embrace all the different backgrounds of WUPT students.

Black, Indigenous, and Persons of Color (BIPOC) Student Organization

The Black, Indigenous, and Persons of Color (BIPOC) Student Organization of the WUSTL Physical Therapy Program (WUSTL PT) is a student affinity group dedicated to supporting the interests, needs, and diverse backgrounds of WUSTL BIPOC physical therapy students. The BIPOC Student Organization seeks to foster and maintain safe and inclusive spaces for BIPOC students on campus. We will accomplish this by facilitating culturally-aware events, workshops, discussions, and meeting spaces that allow BIPOC WUSTL PT students to share their unique ideologies and identities. We aim to create pressure-free spaces where our members and guests feel comfortable being their authentic selves. We will facilitate dialogue that examines racial dynamics with the intention of acknowledging and validating BIPOC students’ experience while fostering a community of growth and honesty. We will emphasize and promote a culture of learning, open-mindedness, and invite/encourage differences with the intention of establishing long term communication and relationships across cultural and racial lines.


WUPT PrIDE provides a safe and supportive environment for members of the Washington University Program in Physical Therapy that identify as a part of the LGBTQIA+ community.​ This student affinity group works to foster networking and mentoring relationships for for all LGBTQIA+ staff, students, trainees, faculty, clinical providers, and alumni, provide training and resources for LGBTQIA+ patients and health care providers to better support LGBTQIA+ care and be a presence in the overall LGBTQIA+ community in the St. Louis region​ through Advocacy​, Supporting LGBTQIA+ business​ and Community engagement.