The Wheelchair Seating and Positioning Clinic at Washington University Physical Therapy program concentrates on the comprehensive evaluation and determination of appropriate wheelchairs for individuals with disabilities and physical functioning challenges resulting from spinal cord injury, brain injury, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) as well as other neurological and orthopedic conditions.  Our wheelchair specialists possess advanced knowledge in wheelchair prescription for the most complex clients. Our therapists work very closely with all wheelchair vendors in the St. Louis metropolitan area, including many wheelchair vendors in Illinois.

Our goal is to maximize the comfort, posture, breathing, pressure redistribution, and the overall independent functioning of the individuals we treat.

Seating and Mobility services provided

Comprehensive evaluation of strength, range of motion, flexibility of postural impairments, home environment, wheelchair access to transportation, activities of daily life, vocational considerations, and individual mobility needs in order to recommend the most appropriate mobility device for the individual. Findings and recommendations are compiled into a detailed report to the client’s insurance company.

Wheelchair evaluation determines the most functional and efficient means of mobility (manual ultralight wheelchair, tilt-in-space, power wheelchair, scooter, power assist).  In collaboration with area manufacturers and durable medical equipment (DME) suppliers, we can offer a variety of manual and power wheelchairs for patients to trial. This evaluation also leads to recommendations for specialty seating, pressure relieving cushions, and back supports.

Pressure mapping evaluation is available to assist in determining areas at highest risk for skin breakdown.  Pressure mapping offers an effective tool for both selection of cushion and for patient education on pressure relieving techniques and skin care.

If you are currently using your own mobility equipment, we can also help with positioning in a wheelchair that no longer supports you, making modifications to reduce skin breakdown or changes to increase stability.

We will work with the client to ensure a custom tailored fit of the recommended wheelchair to ensure that it is fitted properly to minimize the risk of pressure sores and secondary musculoskeletal conditions.

A doctor’s prescription/referral for PT or OT is required for Wheelchair evaluation and can be faxed to 314-286-1473.

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