Below is a listing of publications from Washington University Movement Science Research Center over the past six months.

Characterizing the impact of multiple chronic conditions on return to participation in chronic stroke survivors. Thompson ED, Miller AE, Reisman DS. Top Stroke Rehabil. 2024 Jan;31(1):97-103.
Do attentional focus cues affect the type or number of explicit rules? Proof of concepts of the self-invoking trigger or explicit knowledge hypotheses. Yamada M, Lohse KR, Rhea CK, Schmitz RJ, Raisbeck LD. Psychol Sport Exerc. 2024 Jan;70:102547.
Effect of musical cues on gait in individuals with Parkinson disease with comorbid dementia. Tueth LE, Haussler AM, Lohse KR, Rawson KS, Earhart GM, Harrison EC. Gait Posture. 2024 Jan;107:275-280.
A Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial of Vaginal Cryotherapy for the Treatment of Pelvic Floor Myofascial Pain. Morsy H, Meister M, Spitznagle T, Scott C, Zhang T, Ghetti C, Chu C, Sutcliffe S, Lowder JL. Int Urogynecol J. 2024 Jan;35(1):215-225.
Increasing Activity After Stroke: A Randomized Controlled Trial of High-Intensity Walking and Step Activity Intervention. Thompson ED, Pohlig RT, McCartney KM, Hornby TG, Kasner SE, Raser-Schramm J, Miller AE, Henderson CE, Wright H, Wright T, Reisman DS. Stroke. 2024 Jan;55(1):5-13.
Associations Between Coordination and Wearable Sensor Variables Vary by Recording Context but Not Assessment Type. Konrad JD, Marrus N, Lohse KR, Thuet KM, Lang CE. J Mot Behav. 2024;56(3):339-355.
Sarm1 knockout prevents type 1 diabetic bone disease in females independent of neuropathy. Brazill JM, Shen IR, Craft CS, Magee KL, Park JS, Lorenz M, Strickland A, Wee NK, Zhang X, Beeve AT, Meyer GA, Milbrandt J, DiAntonio A, Scheller EL.JCI Insight. 2024 Jan 4;9(4):e175159.
Ecological momentary assessment of pelvic pain and urinary urgency variability in urologic chronic pelvic pain syndrome and their association with illness impact and quality of life: Findings from the multidisciplinary approach to the study of chronic pelvic pain symptom patterns study. Erickson BA, Griffith JW, Wensheng G, Mengying Y, Herman T, Bradley CS, Quentin Clemens J, Farrar JT, Gupta P, Kreder KJ, Henry Lai H, Naliboff BD, Newman DK, Rodriguez LV, Spitznagle T, Sutcliffe S, Sutherland SE, Taple BJ, Richard Landis J. Neurourol Urodyn. 2024 Jan 22. Online ahead of print.
Graceful gait: virtual ballet classes improve mobility and reduce falls more than wellness classes for older women. Harrison EC, Haussler AM, Tueth LE, Baudendistel ST, Earhart GM. Front Aging Neurosci. 2024 Jan 24;16:1289368.
Effect of Veau Class on Levator Veli Palatini Muscle Composition. Chiang SN, Meyer GA, Skolnick GB, Hunter DA, Wood MD, Li X, Snyder-Warwick AK, Patel KB. Cleft Palate Craniofac J. 2024 Feb;61(2):319-325.
Minimal clinically important differences of spatiotemporal gait variables in Parkinson disease. Baudendistel ST, Haussler AM, Rawson KS, Earhart GM. Gait Posture. 2024 Feb;108:257-263.
Understanding the Biering-Sørensen test: Contributors to extensor endurance in young adults with and without a history of low back pain. Shaw J, Jacobs JV, Van Dillen LR, Beneck GJ, Smith JA. J Electromyogr Kinesiol. 2024 Feb;74:102854.
Patient Outcomes After Peripheral Nerve Injury Depend on Bimanual Dexterity and Preserved Use of the Affected Hand. Kim T, Lohse KR, Mackinnon SE, Philip BA. Neurorehabil Neural Repair. 2024 Feb;38(2):134-147.
Genome-Wide Association Studies of 3 Distinct Recovery Phenotypes in Mild Ischemic Stroke. Aldridge CM, Braun R, Lohse K, de Havenon A, Cole JW, Cramer SC, Lindgren AG, Keene KL, Hsu FC, Worrall BB. Neurology. 2024 Feb 13;102(3):e208011.
Diagnosis and treatment of active charcot neuro-osteoarthropathy in persons with diabetes mellitus: A systematic review. Raspovic KM, Schaper NC, Gooday C, Bal A, Bem R, Chhabra A, Hastings M, Holmes C, Petrova NL, Santini Araujo MG, Senneville E, Wukich DK. Diabetes Metab Res Rev. 2024 Mar;40(3):e3653.
Guidelines on the diagnosis and treatment of active Charcot neuro-osteoarthropathy in persons with diabetes mellitus (IWGDF 2023). Wukich DK, Schaper NC, Gooday C, Bal A, Bem R, Chhabra A, Hastings M, Holmes C, Petrova NL, Santini Araujo MG, Senneville E, Raspovic KM. Diabetes Metab Res Rev. 2024 Mar;40(3):e3646.
Investigating the multifactorial etiology of supraspinatus tendon tears. Lawrence RL, Soliman SB, Dalbøge A, Lohse K, Bey MJ. J Orthop Res. 2024 Mar;42(3):578-587.
Turning speed as a more responsive metric of age-related decline in mobility: A comparative study with gait speed. Weston AR, Lohse KR, Kittelson A, King LA, Carlson-Kuhta P, Dibble LE, Mancini M. Clin Biomech (Bristol, Avon). 2024 Mar;113:106196.
The association of pain with gait spatiotemporal parameters in children with hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and hypermobility spectrum disorder. Jeong HJ, Engel JM, Muriello M, Basel D, Slavens BA. Gait Posture. 2024 Mar;109:271-276.
Effects of Scapular Angular Deviations on Potential for Rotator Cuff Tendon Mechanical Compression. Lawrence RL, Richardson LB, Bilodeau HL, Bonath DJ, Dahn DJ, Em MA, Sarkar S, Braman JP, Ludewig PM. Orthop J Sports Med. 2024 Mar 1;12(3):23259671231219023.
Referent data for investigations of upper limb accelerometry: harmonized data from three cohorts of typically-developing children. Lang CE, Hoyt CR, Konrad JD, Bell KR, Marrus N, Bland MD, Lohse KR, Miller AE. Front Pediatr. 2024 Mar 1;12:1361757.

last updated: April 2024