Pain in your muscles, tissues, joints and bones can prevent you from reaching your optimal physical and functional capabilities. Our clinicians are trusted experts in evaluating the movement system and in treating identified movement impairments. We will empower you by providing the education you need to understand and correct your movement impairments to meet your personal health and fitness goals.

Your Visit

You will receive a systematic examination of your posture, movement, and daily functional activities to determine a movement system diagnosis to guide your individualized treatment.

Your musculoskeletal rehabilitation treatment is based on your specific diagnosis and your own personal goals for rehabilitation. Our therapists will prescribe an individualized therapeutic exercise program to address the contributing factors to your symptoms and to optimize your movement.

In addition, your therapist will provide you with the education that you need to correct faulty posture and movement patterns during many functional activities such as sitting, standing, bending, lifting, walking, and sleeping.

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