Shirley A. Sahrmann, PT, PhD, FAPTA, is a renowned teacher, researcher, and clinician. She began teaching in 1961 and spent 54 years educating two generations of physical therapists, and was the first director of the Movement Science Program.

Dr. Sahrmann’s 2022 Speaking and Course Schedule

February 19, 20        
Movement System Impairment (MSI) of the Shoulder and Cervical Spine
Virtual lecture from Barcelona, Spain, with translation
Contact: Centro Inspira

February 26, 27
MSI of the Shoulder and Cervical Spine: On-Site and Virtual Course
Washington University School of Medicine — St. Louis, MO
Contact: PT Events

March 5
MSI Syndromes of the Shoulder
A 3-hour virtual course for A. T. Still University in Phoenix, AZ
Contact: Cory Manton

April 2, 3
MSI of the Shoulder and Cervical Spine
A virtual course through the California Chapter of the APTA
Contact: Rita Pierson

May 14
Gait and its role in musculoskeletal disorders
A 4-hour virtual course through UCLA
Contact: Joan Vincente

May 22
MSI of the Lumbar Spine
An on-site course, Pillar Conference, Buffalo, New York
Contact: Robert Newhalfen