Our clinic serves the needs of aging adults. Aging adults may experience a decline in their ability to move throughout the day which may be caused by a decrease in balance, strength, endurance, or movement of the joints. Additionally, aging adults may experience multiple health conditions, be prescribed multiple medications, have memory impairments, have vision changes, or have changes in bone health. All of these factors may contribute to increased difficulty with mobility and increase the risk for falling. We provide individualized physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech-language pathology to improve your overall mobility, function, and participation. We see all diagnoses that could be associated with aging, including but not limited to weakness, osteoporosis, general deconditioning, imbalance, and falls.  

Your treatment sessions will be customized to the appropriate intensity to optimize your outcomes. We make your safety a high priority. You can expect to have your vital signs (heart rate, blood pressure, etc.) monitored during sessions. Our therapists maintain clear and consistent communication with your referring doctor regarding aspects of your care.

Your Visit

You will receive an individualized evaluation in our clinical practice. One unique aspect of Washington University physical therapy is that your speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy are all one-on-one sessions. Your therapist will provide you with cutting-edge, evidenced-based treatment to focus on restoring function or learning compensatory techniques to allow you to function as safely and independently as possible and meet your individual goals. We evaluate each patient’s need for bracing, adaptive equipment, or assistive devices as necessary. Your therapists work as a team to optimize outcomes across all disciplines. Patients are also provided with individualized home exercise programs in all areas.

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