Advancing Your Health Through Movement

Physical Therapy can be helpful for all older adults, especially those worried about falling. Washington University in St. Louis offers a special program for evaluation and treatment for individuals who are at risk of falling. Our therapists provide assessment and treatment of fall risk, balance impairments, strength, and general mobility. Our expert physical therapists will create a treatment plan tailored to each individual’s needs.

The following are some examples of reasons to see a Physical Therapist:

  • You have had a fall in the last year
  • You come close to falling, even if you have not had a fall
  • You feel off balance or unstable
  • You are afraid of falling
  • You have trouble getting around in the community (in/out of a car or bus, stairs, uneven ground)
  • You have questions about safety when exercising

Your Visit

Our expert physical therapists will provide one-on-one treatment sessions. Your first visit will include an assessment of your risk for falls. Our therapists will provide you with information about your risk compared to other adults in your age range. Your visit will also include an assessment of your balance, coordination, and strength. Our therapists will also provide you with information on how to modify your environment to reduce the risk of future falls. Some individuals will find a single session with a physical therapist very helpful. Others may benefit from a few visits or a period of ongoing therapy to address underlying risks of falls. Your physical therapist will help tailor a program that is best for you.

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